​​​Mason is a group formed through the songwriting and guitar wizardry of the Arizona born artist  Jacob Acosta. Once exclusively an instrumentalist, Jacob performed for over 6 years as a jazz saxophonist until he picked up the guitar and started singing in 2003, while spending a year in New Jersey. In 2006 he enrolled in the Fred Fox School of Music at the University of Arizona in Tucson to get his degree in Music Education. In 2008 Jacob began his professional career in Tucson, as the lead singer of the indie rock group, Race You There. Together these shoe-gazers released one full length album (‘Acts of Treason’ 2009), and two EP’s (Catalyst’ 2011, ‘Bisbee Royale Live EP’ 2013).

In 2009, Jacob also started the acoustic rock trio, Roll Acosta. They released 2 EP’s (
‘The Dawn’ 2010, ‘The Dark’ 2011), and one full length LP produced by the brilliant John Vanderslice (‘This Dreamt Existence’ 2012), which was recorded in his Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco. Roll Acosta has had continued success performing in multiple music festivals, on local television and NPR, and touring the west coast.

Due to his prolific nature and thirst for the national circuit, Acosta has released three solo records (
‘Chants of Diplomacy’ 2013, ‘For The People By The People’ 2014, ‘Silver Lining’ 2015), orchestrated 2 national tours, and during 2016 began writing a catalogue of music large enough for 4 full length LP’s. He has since produced 2 full length albums in 2017 (‘Midnight Road’ - Mason, ‘Exoplanet’ -HYTS) and is releasing his new Southwest folk record about Arizona this 2018. (‘Desert Sounds’ - Jacob Acosta).






Mason’s bassist, Barry Young, received his first instrument/record player at age 5 where he began to listen to his brother’s Beatles records. When he was about 10 years old he tried playing the trumpet, but found he liked his record player more. At age 15 he got a full drum kit, but ditched it yet again for his record player. He didn’t join any musical ensembles in high school, but listened to countless albums. It wasn’t until age 30 that he bought his first Fender Squire Bass and began to play along to the records he loved. Since then he has been playing bass for 25 years.

He has performed in the groups: ‘Covert Ops’ (grunge/hard Rock), ‘Firedust’ (70’s Desert Rock), and ‘Still Life Telescope’ (modern prog/indie pop). 

Mason's other bassist Jason Allen was born into a family of musicians, with some of his earliest memories including occasional piano lessons with his grandmother and  playing his father's guitars.  He went on to play the trumpet in elementary school then the tuba in high school and college, where he was a member of the Purdue University "All-American" Marching Band.

Around 1997, Jason transitioned to performing primarily on the electric bass after receiving one as a Christmas gift in college.  He continued to develop on the bass by studying with international touring and session bassist Denson Angulo.  While living in Indiana, Jason performed with local acts including Andrew Cornelius, Carrie Revel, Jordan Pike, Unseen, and Nashville artist Ryan Wotherspoon as well as recording for various locally produced albums.


For the last 6 years since relocating to Tucson in 2011, Jason has performed as a member and recording bassist for the bands V Lundon, Roll Acosta, Mason, and Jacob Acosta Band. (‘Midnight Road’ 2017-Mason, ‘Desert Sounds’ 2018-Jacob Acosta).

Originally from London and Maryland, Andre has been a professional percussionist for over 20 years. His first instrument was the violin, but he quickly found his voice at age 8 on the drums. He has played in multiple professional percussion ensembles including the NYU Orchestra and a pit musician for an off broadway production of Pippin.​ Andre Gressieux has also once broken a world record for longest drumming marathon performance.

Andre has performed with the groups Honeyspun, Verona Downs, Roll Acosta, Race You There, V Lundon, Jacob Acosta Band, and Mason. He has recorded and co-produced along with Jacob on a total of 9 albums.  (‘The Dawn’ 2010-Roll Acosta, ‘The Dark’ 2011-Roll Acosta, 'This Dreamt Existence' 2012-Roll Acosta, 'Bisbee Royale Live EP’ 2013-Race You There, ‘Chants of Diplomacy’ 2013-Jacob Acosta, ‘For The People By The People’ 2014-Jacob Acosta, Midnight Road' 2017-Mason, 'Desert Sounds' 2018-Jacob Acosta)